Exception Converter

The ExceptionConverter class allows you to map a specific Exception to a particular Failure object. While a single ExceptionConverter may not be very useful on its own, you can use a group of exception converters together in an ExceptionConverterSuite to run a task and automatically convert any exceptions that are thrown into the appropriate Failure object.

Exception converter is integrated with the Codenic Logger to provide logging capabilities to the executable task.

To create an Exception Converter, create a class that extends the ExceptionConverter class:

/// A custom exception converter for converting a [SocketException] to a
/// [NetworkFailure] if an error occurs.
/// If no exception is caught, then [T] is returned.
class SocketExceptionConverter<T>
    extends ExceptionConverter<SocketException, T> {
  const SocketExceptionConverter();

  Failure convert({
    required SocketException exception,
    StackTrace? stackTrace,
    CodenicLogger? logger,
    MessageLog? messageLog,
  }) {
    if (logger != null && messageLog != null) {
      // Optional: you can log the exception here if needed
      logger.wtf(messageLog, error: exception, stackTrace: stackTrace);

    return const NetworkFailure();

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