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External Dependencies

In the note_app/modules/infrastructure/ directory, include the following dependencies in the pubspec.yaml:
flutter_lorem: {{LATEST_VERSION}}
json_annotation: {{LATEST_VERSION}}
sqlbrite: {{LATEST_VERSION}}
build_runner: {{LATEST_VERSION}}
json_serializable: {{LATEST_VERSION}}
Here's an overview of the packages:
  • flutter_lorem A package used for generating the test note entries when the application is first launched.
  • sqlbrite This package enables us to write, read and stream our note entries in a local SQL database.
  • json_annotation, json_serializable and build_runner A suite of packages for serializing and deserializing our note data model into JSON.
Fetch the dependencies:
flutter pub get modules/infrastructure
Tip: You can use a script to fetch the dependencies for all submodules in one go.